RiSE Lantern Festival in Nevada

This past weekend, we attended the RiSE Lantern Festival with several friends in Nevada. Inspired by the lantern festival in Thailand, thousands of people attended the event to watch the spectacle of floating lanterns. Check out our video of this beautiful experience.

This event was held in the Moapa River Reservation, permitted by the Paiute tribe. We arrived around two hours before the first launch time to pick up our lanterns. Everyone took the time to write personal messages onto the lanterns about hope, prayers, inspiration and other positive messages. During the wait until the first launch, there was live music and food trucks to relax enjoy.

When the first launch time came, everyone lit their lanterns and launched them, sending thousands of floating lanterns into the sky. It was a surreal and beautiful thing to be a part of. About and hour later, the second launch came and the process was repeated. After all the lanterns were launched, spectators were treated to a fireworks show as the finale.

In case you’re worried about any potential pollution, all of the lanterns are biodegradable with short burn times and trash teams pick up any leftover debris afterwards. The location is also scouted ahead of time to prevent any potential fires from happening. It’s a great event to check out and a beautiful experience to be a part of.


Writing messages

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RISE Lantern Festival, Nevada
RISE Lantern Festival, Nevada