From Left to Right: Splinter, Mat, Ling
From Left to Right: Splinter, Mat, Ling

I’m Ling Ge and my two passions are traveling and photography. Wherever I go, I always have my cameras to capture my adventures and my travel companions are myfiancée, Mat and our dog child, Splinter!

I was first inspired to travel more when my family took a road trip through Nevada, Arizona and Utah, where we visited parks like the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley and Antelope Canyon. I loved the photos that were captured with my Nikon D80, so I became more interested in traveling and photography.

My first big international trip was in 2009, when I traveled with friends through Asia for six weeks. We backpacked from the Great Wall of China, to the skyscrapers of Hong Kong and onto the beaches in Thailand. I loved being immersed in the different cultures, food, people and traditions that every place had and kept wanting more.

Since then, I’ve met Mat and Splinter and we’ve traveled to many other places and countries together! We’re always wishing we had more time to stay and explore those places. That’s what Linger Abroad is about (other than being an awesome pun), reliving those travels through photography, sharing our experiences and hopefully inspiring those to take the leap and go somewhere new.

Horseshoe Bend with Girlfriend & Splinter


Linger Abroad with us!

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