Tamu Hotel – Paradise on Otres Beach, Cambodia

We were supposed to visit Koh Rong Island for a few days, but we had some unexpected schedule changes and had to book a stay in Sihanoukville. Mat looked for hotels and found us Tamu Hotel on Otres Beach, and we were very impressed with this stylish beach resort in Cambodia.

Located about 10 km from downtown Sihanoukville, Tamu is a small but beautiful minimalist design resort situated on the south end of Otres Beach. Its location is also a quiet area for those looking for a relaxing stay. The property is painted white with rooms designed around a centrally placed pool. Integrated into the design are lush gardens, trees, wood finishes on the ground and doors, and day beds by the pool.

We stayed in a standard room that was stocked with amenities including air conditioning, a comfortable king-bed, WiFi, TV, refrigerator, coffee maker and more. There was a pretty good number of mosquitos in our room but every room has an electronic racket for killing them and mosquito coils to repel them. The bathroom is separate from the bedroom by a sliding door. Unlike the white exterior, the bathroom was predominantly black, had a grey concrete floor, and a partial opening for sunlight to pass in.

The hotel also has its own restaurant with a terrific view of ocean, a perfect place for enjoying a relaxing breakfast, lunch or dinner. Breakfast is complimentary with fruits, bread, honey/jam, juice and milk, and you can order other items off the menu. Lunch and dinner menus include a few different dining options, including Khmer food and western style food.

While we loved the stylish features of the hotel, we were incredibly impressed with the Tamu staff and service. When our sliding door had an issue, they immediately sent a friendly handyman to fix it. Everyone was very nice, very attentive to detail and were always greeting us and trying to remember our names. They helped answer any questions or would bring drinks to the beach if requested, were always smiling, and full of energy that added a pleasant positive vibe to an already beautiful location. The staff also maintains the beach and the resort, as members are routinely seen combing the sand, picking up any trash and sweeping the grounds.

The hotel welcomed us and took care of us like we were family. It is a great place to stay and we highly recommend Tamu Hotel to anyone visiting Otres Beach in Sihanoukville, Cambodia.

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  1. Beautiful modern design for the hotel and rooms. That center court pool is stunning. But the beach, that is the best part!

  2. Looks beautiful. I always like to see a recommendation of a hotel from someone who has actually stayed in the hotel they’re recommending.The Tamu Hotel looks like a slice of heaven to me right now. Great post.

  3. Tamu looks very relaxing and luxurious stay! Loved the plain white interiors and the dark bathroom totally compliments it. The pool looks so inviting too..

  4. This hotel looks amazing! I love the clean, bright design, and the views from the hotel are to die for. The food looks great too, and it’s always a plus to have good service on top of that. I’d definitely consider staying here.

  5. There’s something about modern minimalist resorts that made it very relaxing. The pool overlooking the beach is something that I’ll enjoy too! I guess the experience was lit!

    1. I always like staying in modern minimalist resorts. Just like the design and simplicity they offer. Was a lovely experience!

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